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AHR programs are proprietary standalone and master policy workers’ compensation insurance (WC) solutions for Staffing entities and other challenging risks.  AHR, together with it’s several A to B+ range rated WC insurance carrier partners, offer WC coverage in all states. 

Historically, the Staffing industry as a whole, has been viewed by most WC insurance carriers as a less desirable class of business to write, especially in harder WC market periods.  Facts are that individually many Staffing entities who pay little to no attention to the importance of risk management overall are less desirable to offer coverage to.  However, many do pay the proper attention to the importance of risk management overall but due to their general class of business, still cannot secure suitable WC coverage.   It is the many entities in the latter group that the AHR program was designed to help.  Overall, AHR seeks to fill the void in the marketplace of WC coverage for those qualified entities in the Staffing industry and other industries with WC coverage challenges.

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